Happy Birthday Steve! - Jim Roberts

Favorite. Singer. Ever. Watched u throw a mic offstage into a waiting net while running to your keyboard. “Lonely Street” changed me. Boom. ðŸ˜ŽðŸ‘

Happy Birthday! - Ben Barnett

Happy Birthday Steve! - Rich Azzano

Happy Birthday Steve! My daughter Yameliz Hernandez plays Viola. Her school (Barron Collier High) orchestra performed  the beautiful “Dust in the Wind” in Spring Concert recently, here in Naples, Florida. It was beautiful seeing young students playing this song on strings, other artists were remembered in this concert, but this song was so well selected. Those students did an incredible job.

Barron Collier High, Naples FL
Mrs. Jordan Lamb. Teacher

Thank you, 
Yiraliz Torres, Mom

Happy Birthday Steve! From Shawn Gordon:

Have a good one Steve, Happy Birthday!

- David Ragsdale

Happy Birthday Steve... your music brightens up my day.  Thank you for being there for me through your music. - Nancy Copeland

Happy Birthday Steve, hope this day is a great one for you. I know when you were born it was a great one for the rest of us. Thanks to Steve for being one , if not the main vocal influence in my life. I have been singing his songs for decades. Trying to emulate his voicings, timbre and deliveries. I was lucking enough to open up many shows with Kansas and stand on the same stage as my musical mentor Steve Walsh. As the lead vocalist for Head East I was blessed to meet and be in close proximity to him while he was performing so as to see first hand his great musical abilities. For this I am very blessed and have many wonderful memories watching him perform. I was singing to Masque last night as a matter of fact. It is in my cd player now. I never tire of Steve's great vocals, keyboards and incredible writing. Thank You!

- Tom Bryant 


Hi Steve, Happy Birthday, don’t know if you ever read these or not but just want to thank you for the music, I have absolutely everything that you have sang a note on and I still listen to the first Streets album regularly. Been around the block a time or two with some gunslingers(RD) and met you a couple of times along the way and I must admit I probably said something stupid both times because you’re the only man that ever turned me into a little teenage girl, LOL. Much love, luck, and good health to you and I am so thankful you are still doing it


- David Pressley

Happy Birthday Steve!

Providing the soundtrack to my life!

1978 Monolith tour Omaha Ne was my first concert at 12 yrs of age. Huge Fan greatest live performer I’ve ever seen, thank you Steve and the rest of the band! I’m only saying, what’s on my mind!

- Doug DeWitt, Glendale, AZ

Happy Birthday Steve I just played a track off of your Black Butterfly album!  - Dennis Holseybrook,

Hamilton Radio, Ontario, California

Happy Birthday Steve and so happy to play you on the radio - Mike Lidskin, Twirl Radio Sacramento

Happy Birthday Steve! Kansas is/has been a huge influence on my life. - Scott Durrwachter

Steve, you have been my greatest Vocal Inspiration. From the first time I saw your amazing concert performance, in 1978, until the final time I witnessed your expertise, in 2014, I was always amazed at how you could do the fantastic vocals you did, often while dancing at the same time. And, your keyboard playing and songwriting helped to trigger some of the songs that I have written, as well. May you enjoy your Birthday Celebration and may you have many more of them to come. Here's a photo I took in 2014:

Your true admirer,
- Warren Jeffrey Motter

Happy Birthday Steve!

I am not a Facebook-active person, but a musician/vocalist...in the past and now mostly

at heart. I am listening to The Wall,

(just because I have always loved that song) I experience it now as currently symbolic and inspirational..I have loved Steve Walsh's voice

for more than 3+ decades. His voice is beautiful, powerful, and is still an inspiration to me.

Thank you Steve. :) 

I , ironically, also have a history of living

in Kansas.)

I hope you are well and peaceful Steve!

- Julie Shields-Ames

Steve, thank you for the lifetime of joy your voice, your songwriting, and your musicianship has brought me. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and the year ahead is filled with blessings.

- Ernie Holmes

Dear Steve - Sending Happy Birthday greetings to you from Colorado. Your music brings joy, inspiration & awe to my ears and heart.  Best wishes & hopes that the coming year brings only good things your way.

 - Susan Laabs.  Peyton, CO

Steve, Have a very Happy Birthday!- Steven Vine

Happy Birthday! I would like to tell Steve

my never-ending love for his music, Kansas of course, his solo career and other projects he has been in, and for this voice... He's always been such a great inspiration and I became a singer because of him, and I thank him for this...

- Ivan Jacquin

Happy Birthday Steve! Here's a photo I took that was used for the Two For the Show inner sleeve, what a great moment in time. - Neal Preston


Happy Birthday Steve! I want you to know I find you and the guys in Kansas truly inspiring and you have carried me through a lot of tough times most of my life.


A lot of people these days think that we are doomed and although I sometimes find myself agreeing with them, one thing I have learned is to never give up.


I play guitar (not that well) in a band and I am beyond the point of ever giving up, I will never give up because of people like you. 


Thank you for being you and thank you for being a part of Kansas and making it exist, your voice is beautiful and so are you.


I've found my freedom flying high.

-Jon Wright

Happy Birthday & Best wishes to the greatest singer & frontman ever—- Steve Walsh
The first time I saw Kansas was on the Point of Know Return tour at the Palladium in NY.
The band and especially your  performance blew me away.
I caught a show every time you guys came through the NY/NJ area for the next 40 years. 
Wishing you all the best 
Hope to see you on stage once again
- Sam LaMonica 

Happy Birthday Steve! Thank you for sharing

your awesome musical talents with us. You have touched the hearts of many fans with your fantastic voice, songwriting, and onstage performances. I hope you are enjoying your retirement, but we miss you!

-Sheree Simonson

Happy Birthday Steve! - Tommy DeNander

Happy Birthday Steve! Another band our RR HOF has forgotten about...sadly. Nominate and induct while they can appreciate the honor. - Jerry Bennett

Happy Birthday to my favorite vocalist!

You are the best of the best!

- Raechel L.

Steve doesn't care what I think, but I will tell

you as a Live Nation employee and music encyclopedia that Steve is most definitely in

the top ten rock vocalists of all time.

There is no doubt about it. Most "fans" don't

have the knowledge to know or appreciate

the gift he had. His life work is something to be proud of. I continue to marvel when I listen to Kansas, esp. the early stuff when he

just killed it. Well done man!!!

Happy Birthday!!!

- John Woods

Happy Birthday Mr. Steve Walsh !😎❤️🤗-

- Belinda Cheramie, Cut Off, LA

Happy birthday Steve!  I hope your day is filled

with everyone and everything that brings you joy! 

God Bless!


Thank you for giving us fans this opportunity to send birthday wishes to Steve!


Rock On!

-Sharon Gudermuth

  Happy Birthday Steve!! From Tom Troia


Happy Birthday Steve! I have been your fan since the 70's when we were both younger men..Seen Kansas twice and enjoyed every moment of it.

Every Step of the Way was and always will be

one of my favorite songs and I can still sing it by heart. -Kelly Schultz


It must be a really odd feeling to have so many people feel like they know you, yet you've never met them.

I'm one of those people.


You and your music have come in and out my life going back to high school, and in each phase of my life, your singing and playing have affected me in a different way. As a keyboardist and singer myself, I always aspired to sing and play with the visceral and primal  musical skill that you have. I have never come close. I'm even in the process of writing a Walsh/Kansas inspired song called, "You're Never (Really) Alone" based on what happened during April and May of this year.


The most recent time you "visited" me was over the past few months when I was faced with two potential cancer diagnoses. It was really bullshit and it really terrified me that I might be facing this unknown and frightening health situation. But...I listened to you and Kansas EVERY DAY. You transported me out of my paralyzing fear and panic, and for that I want to thank you. I kept telling myself, "Let me just get to "The Other Side" of this - that was my daily hymn and mantra.


I am fine. After all of the tests and surgeries and biopsies and all of that uncomfortable stuff, they found nothing. You got me to the other side of all of that.  And.....I'm still listening to you every day.


I hope this birthday finds you fulfilled, healthy, loved and well, Steve. Thank you for your incredible talent, passion and body of work. There's no one like you.


With love,


Eva Vazzana

Manhattan Beach, CA

Happy 68th Birthday Steve!  I will be 55 years

old this year.  I am a husband, father, a

step-father, a grandfather.  Basically, just a regular guy. Being from a musical background (my mother was an opera singer with the West Bay and San Francisco Opera Companies) I was always into music.  At the early age of 5, when a Christmas coloring book page asked, “draw what you want for Christmas” and I drew my best 5-piece drum kit, everyone knew I was hooked. Growing up the youngest of three kids, my brother & sister who were just a year apart in age and super close, are 5 years older than I.  Therefore, I was constantly exposed at an early age to some of the best music being produced in the 70’s.  Being in 5th and 6th grade and being exposed to music like Boston, Fleetwood Mac, Billy Joel and of course Kansas.  My brother turned me on to Leftoverture when I was in 6th grade. It was about at this time, that I had started to shift my focus from sports, more towards nothing  but music! 


Inspired by bands like Kansas and drummer like Phil, I began to play drums in the 7th grade.  I took lessons for a brief time, but very quickly jumped to the drumset and was able to play along to my favorite records.  Continuing to teach myself over the years, playing along to these records. But although I am a drummer, I also love to sing and by far, my favorite singer of all time is YOU, Steve Walsh.  I always dreamed of being able to sing like you.  And although I can hang a little with some stuff and cannot touch some of the great music you put on record.  I eventually became the drummer and lead singer of a local 80s hair band, but in no way possess the gift that you had.  After my freshmen year in high school, it seemed I was destined to play music.  I was already in a local band that was playing local fairs and festivals, and I was getting better and better as a drummer and singer.  But in the summer of 79, my mother remarried and I was told we were moving to from California to Lubbock, Texas.  I was devastated. My brother and sister were old enough to stay here, so only I went with my mom and new step-father. We decided to drive to Lubbock, Texas over the curse of 7 days.  In that car I had with me a small cassette player and two tapes…Van Halen II and Kansas, Point of Know Return.  POKR was my jam.  That tape is the ONLY thing that got me thru that move to Lubbock.  I listened to every track over and over again.  Trying to sing just like you.  Songs like “Portrait” and “Nobodys Home” became anthems for me. Determined to learn all of these songs on the drums when I finally arrived in Texas.


Fast forward to last year and catching the Miracles Out of Nowhere film and rekindling my love for Kansas.  I was so touched by the film I was in tears at the end when you guys went back to that spot and re-created the iconic photo. I will say, it made me sad during the film when you discussed not being proud of some of your work.  I honestly can understand what you mean, having gone thru a similar situation at a much smaller scale as one of the primary song-writers in my old 80s band. But for what its worth Mr. Walsh, many people talk about someone like a Steve Perry and call him “The Voice” and yes….he is amazing and also one of my all time favorites, but for me Mr. Walsh…there is no one that can touch your voice.  The soulfulness and power in which you sang. The passion that can be heard behind every note on those studio records…I mean, people just don’t deliver like that anymore.  Your voice and the songs you sang were a gift to us all. 

Your biggest fan

- Dennis Gast

Happy Birthday Steve! I am your huge fan - your voice is legendary. And the music...ahh, I wish music like this was recorded nowadays. But thankfully I can go back to your masterpieces anytime. Thank you for your heart in your songs.  I live in Poland. All the best wishes! - Sebastian Wolanczyk

Hello and Happy Birthday Mr.Walsh. My name Mario Zhekov. I'm from Bulgaria. I am your long time fan. Over the years, I have admired your wonderful, creativity and talent. 

Hey Steve, Happy Birthday! Just wanted to send off a note of sincere thanks and gratitude for your tremendous talents and contributions to the music that filled my life with wonder. Forever greatful brother... thank you. I bought and watched the “Miracles Out Of Nowhere” DVD non stop one day.......over and over. It’s actually a piece of art...

- Matt Parish

Happy Birthday Steve, I wanted to convey you've made such a profound impact with your songs. I was saddened to see you're no longer with Kansas and frankly I have no interest in seeing the band without you. I'm 60 and I don't want to appear as some star struck teen but I just wanted to let you know that your songs gave me pause in areas of my own life. Especially, "The Wall." My all time favorite song was and still is, "All the World." Phil Ehart is my favorite ghost note drummer and being a drummer myself I've always respected his ability to serve the song as well as his syncopation and time changes and fills while remaining true to the song. I'll always have a place in my heart for Kansas.

-  Paul P.

 I wanted to wish you a 68th Happy birthday Steve!!  Thanks for all the great music you've created over the years and thanks for being one of my biggest inspirations to become a better singer.  While I never became famous, singing has been one of the most important aspects of my life and your passion and power just moved me.  Happy birthday Steve!! - Rob Collier

Happy Birthday! I send you a few lines from Germany. I like your style to sing and the ups and downs in your songs. I think it's your personality that you perform in your musical work. I use to try the song "Im Not Alone Anymore" from Streets to sing and play with the guitar. For you best wishes for you and for your family. God bless you and your family for the next 68 years - Andreas Pugliese

Happy Birthday Steve Walsh!  I have seen Kansas 16 times and would wait so many times to meet Steve.  I have talked to many of the band members but my idol ....maybe one day.  I have a wall all about Kansas....Kansas is a band 

- Roland Bastarache

Hey Steve, Happy Birthday!  I am writing with the hopes of getting a sincere 'thanks'to you. One of the wonders of modern life is the exciting prospect that a singer who influenced your entire existence might notice your email and take in yet another thank you from a fan who's been inspired by your voice and your performing for more than 40 years. As a young kid around ten years old, I heard your voice on the radio and had to know who that amazing singer was...what band was he with? I soon visited my local "Harmony House" record store and found your catalog of albums. I was floored by your voice on every song you sang and decided then that I wanted to be able to sing like Steve Walsh. I studied every song, astonished at the level of musicianship and command of voice you showed - like a vocal force of nature, a whirlwind of resonant and penetrating sound. You were unlike any singer before or after. When "Point of Know Return" came out I thought music couldn't get any better. I loved the theme of the album, the mystical and epic songs and your thundering voice. Man, I had to learn how to do THAT. The power of your voice crawled right thru my little Panasonic tape deck and slapped me across the room. I must have listed to that album ten thousand times. It became my daily vocal workout. Within a few years, I began fronting my own bands. Your voice was still in my head. I had my own sound, but the Clarion quality of your singing was something I struggled for. I sang in rock bands in Detroit for about six years before life took me in a new direction. I was drawn into classical singing. I went to school to study and became a successful operatic tenor. Although I was studying a different type of singing, much I had learned from you remained with me. I came to realize that what had caught my year when I first heard you was a quality that I came to associate more with opera singer: your voice had huge amounts of overtones above whatever tone you sang. It gave your vocal sound depth and power - the same qualities that opera singers seek in studying voice. I began to identify that overtone in everything I sang and my voice grew by the day. Today, after nearly 40 years of singing, I want to thank you for your immense gifts to the world of music. Your voice and your songs are timeless. I know you are not one who loves a lot of gushing praise, but I just had to share this with you. Even if you never read this, I still feel great being able to write this and send it somewhere near a guy I admire so much. Thanks again, Steve! Sincerely, Curt Peters

Happy Birthday, Steve! - Gordon Allen

Hello and Happy Birthday, I'm a fan from Brazil. I'm 16 and i will never meet Steve, I became fan when I heard THE WALL I was really surprised with that voice and I had never heard anyone sing like this and it became one of my main influences. In 2018 I entered a crisis and Kansas literally freed me in a way, and made me think deeply and seek the release in a spiritual form and Steve made me think how to put feeling in the music, something that I had not felt before..This makes Kansas is more special. I would like to thank Steve and probably hug him, even if it makes sense or not, but the music does it, it unites people for soul and it really shows what we are. Thank you, Maria Luiza

Saying thanks for the music &

Happy Birthday! - Brad Levetzow

Happy Birthday! What's on my mind is that Steve Walsh is that THE VOICE of the progressive rock. Thank you Steve for Black Butterfly...I really appreciate it...And now, I'm waiting for your next album... - Joseph Ingrassia

Happy Birthday! I saw Kansas on the "Audio Visions" tour in Florida with one of my all time favorite bands as the opener: "The Atlanta Rhythm Section". I've seen MANY amazing concerts in my lifetime, but this show STILL ranks as one of the very best concerts I've ever seen. Thanks for all the great music over the years. You were a major musical influence on me growing up and your music is timeless and sounds as great as the day it was recorded. All the very best to you in the future,

- Ladd Holobinko, Wasilla, Alaska

Hello Steve and HAPPY BIRTHDAY from Sweden and me Jerry Assgard 🎂 Got the tip to send you a birthday Greeting From my friend, Laurie, and wanted Immediately to do so. KANSAS, and you and your voice, has been an inspiration since The start, early 70,and still is❤️ Wish you a WONDERFUL HAPPY BIRTHDAY  And hope for much more good Rock Music to come. 🎸🌹 Hälsningar - Jerry Assgard  Tranemo Sweden

HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVE! Love, Laurie & all of us at http://www.stevewalshrocks.com

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